We all lose collagen after age 30. When the collagen is thinned out, the skin loses its support.So when we move the muscles on our face, the area between the muscles got wrinkled. Once the wrinkle is formed, it is hard for the body to deposit collagen beneath it. As a result the line deepens. The older the person gets, the deeper the wrinkle goes – and more wrinkles all over the face.

Botox is the brand name of the Botulinum toxin. The molecule has the unique ability to “slow down” the ability of muscles to move. It is made by Allergan. When injected to some muscles on the face, the muscle will become relaxed and stop agitating and deepening the wrinkle. The area beneath the wrinkle will begin to heal. In fact the body will be able to deposit collagen beneath that crease or wrinkle -- thus reducing the depth of the wrinkle or even removing the wrinkle.

Botox has been demonstrated in clinical trials to be safe. It does not prevent you from using those muscles which have received the injection. In fact, the effect is reversible. The muscles will resume their work on forming the wrinkle again after a few months. However, during those few months, the body is able to deposit collagen beneath the wrinkle. So even if a person gets only one dose of Botox, she is ahead of the person who never gets Botox. Botox also does not affect the sensation on the face. One can feel exactly the same as before.

There are two other major companies at the present time which also manufactures or markets the “core” molecule. One is Merz (brand name Xeomin); the other is Medicis Aesthetics (brand name Dysport.) Each product has its own unique properties suitable for some patients. Feel free to discuss these with Dr. Yen. His consultations are free.

  • Dr.Yen believes in using the optimal doses of Botox so that you look younger. The number of units to use depends entirely on how many wrinkles you have and how bad they are.
  • Dr. Yen does not believe in creating a “frozen” face where you cannot smile or look obviously artificial.
  • The goal is not just to remove some wrinkles, but to create a more natural YOU.
  • The approach is simple: take care of the area most annoying to you first; then return for the less unsightly areas. The procedure takes about 10 minutes. You can go back to work or other normal duties within minutes.