Deep Skin Folds

We all smile.

Smiling, however, involves the use of big muscles on our face.

Unfortunately, as we age, the support for our skin gets thinner and the folds between those muscles deepens. And when we are not smiling, the skin sags – and it makes us look even older.

Fortunately, a number of pharmaceutical companies now sell dermal fillers, which are designed to fill that space between the folds so that they do not make us look older than we should.

The application of dermal fillers requires more skills from the Injector (typically a highly trained health provider) than the use of Botox. One syringe of dermal filler has typically only one ml of gel; which means 0.5 ml for each side of the face. To deposit the dermal filler correctly, careful attention must be paid to where the needle should be placed; the angle of entry; and how much to deposit in each site to achieve the maximal beauty-enhancing effect. However, the effect of dermal fillers is immediate and will last many months longer than the effect of one dose of Botox.

Different brands of dermal fillers have different degree of thickness. For example, Dr. Yen will use the three lines from the Juvederm brand differently. He will use Juvederm Ultra XC to fill in the folds around and below the lips, but he will use a thicker gel (Juvederm Ultra PLUS XC) to fill in the fold between your nose and the corner of your lips. He will use Juvederm VOLUMA for your cheekbones.

  • The overall goal is not to just remove some wrinkles or deep skin folds. The overall goal is to give you a more cheerful look.
  • Dr. Yen will explain to you step by step how he is going to create that natural YOU. You can hold the mirror and participate in creating that look that you have always wanted.
  • Consult your own doctor and stop taking any blood thinner (including aspirin) for a few days – if you take blood thinners. The procedure done by Dr. Yen is safe. It takes 10 to 20 minutes. You can resume normal work or find an excuse to not work for the rest of the day.