About Dr. Yen

Dr. Yen is an expert in the use of neuro-muscular agents including Botox and Xeomin. Although these products have only been marketed in recent years, Dr. Yen has been using more potent forms of these agents during his 25 years of practice as a Board-certified anesthesiologist. His vast experience in doing difficult and challenging pain blocks in sick patients has positioned him well in the accurate and gentle placement of wrinkle-removing agents on the face of healthy patients. Most if not all of his clients can resume their daily activities or work within minutes after the procedures, without pain or bruising.

In addition, Dr. Yen is also an expert in the use of dermal fillers which will make a person look more youthful and cheerful. He is the sole inventor of a patent-pending method of injecting even only one syringe of dermal filler to enhance the cheekbone, based on the anatomical uniqueness of the patient. His method reduces the number of injection sites as well as minimizing the cost for the patient. His patients will have the benefit of in-person interaction with Dr. Yen even as they participate in the process of looking more beautiful.

Dr. Yen initially was a geneticist and received his PhD from the University of California, Berkeley. His work in human genetics was done in the University of California, San Diego. He became the senior scientist in Jet Propulsion Laboratory, NASA specializing on the application of medical science in space. Then he went to the University of Miami in Florida to attend the world-famous PhD-to-MD program, which he finished in two years. He did his anesthesiology residency at the UCLA-Harbor medical center and graduated as first in class on the final exam.

Dr. Yen is fully licensed to practice in both California and Nevada. After 25 years of practice at Kaiser Permanente with a perfect record of receiving no patient complaints, he has decided to do something different: start a solo practice in Las Vegas, focusing on beauty-enhancement. Dr. Yen is happily married to his college sweetheart Franny since 1975. They have three grown children -- all successful professionals. One is an advertising executive, two are MDs who are also anesthesiologists.