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About Dr. Yen

Dr. Yen is an expert in the use of neuro-muscular agents including Botox and Xeomin. Although these products have only been marketed in recent years, Dr. Yen has been using more potent forms of these agents during his 25 years of practice as a Board-certified anesthesiologist. His vast experience in doing difficult and challenging pain blocks in sick patients has positioned him well in the accurate and gentle placement of wrinkle-removing agents on the face of healthy patients.

Most if not all of his clients can resume their daily activities or work within minutes after the procedures, without pain or bruising.

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What our customers say

Dr Yen is the most gentle and personable doctor that I have met. He even draws up the Botox in front of me so that I know what I am getting…


Dr. Yen is a good listener. He takes time to listen to what I have to say. Then he explains in detail what he is going to do for me -- I like that.


Do you want to look and feel more beautiful than ever before?

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